Who we are

The Colombian Apitherapy Society is an institution dedicated to provide services, develop products and conduct research and disclosure in the field of health based on bee products.


Three key moments precede the creation of the Colombian Apitherapy Society.

The first moment was the meeting of David Garcia, for that time a medical student of the National University of Colombia, with the bee venom in oral and injectable pharmaceutical presentations. This motivated him to initiate for academic curiosity the first clinical experiences with this substance.

Second moment: Thanks to the research work done, apitherapy was the focus of public attention for the first time, causing a great media impact.

The third moment was the incorporation of Andrés Jagua to the project, who as a doctor become President of the Society. His contribution from the beginning was important in the clinical and basic area of ​​this medical discipline.

The Colombian Apitherapy Society currently provides services, develops products and carries out research and disclosure based on bee products in the field of human health. Its work is carried out at national level and has an international presence through strategic allies.


Provide all humanity with health and well-being through apitherapy services and products, developed by a team that must be at the forefront of clinical and basic research in this medical discipline.


To be the most recognized and important apitherapy institution worldwide for the year 2026, achieving the incorporation of this discipline in medical institutionality at a global level.

Our commitment to the world

We are committed with all our soul to fulfill our mission in this world: to develop and to bring the best of the apitherapy to all corners of the world through the medical institutionality to provide health and quality of life to the whole humanity. We want to do it based on research in the clinical and basic areas, generating new knowledge. All this with an innovative and creative view through honest, coherent, ethical work and always looking for the highest possible quality.