More information about Apitherapy

  • What is it for

    • It serves to main or complementary treatment and the prevention of a wide range of diseases. The two therapeutic areas in which the Colombian Apitherapy Society emphasizes its work are: Osteoarticular Diseases and HIV / AIDS.

  • Osteoarthritis

    • Osteoarthritis is a disease that wears out and reduces the articular cartilage progressively. Our approach is to address and treat the main components of this disease: pain and inflammation, joint nutrition, joint intoxication, chondrocyte survival (cell that makes cartilage), joint oxidation and, where required, obesity and overweight. This therapeutic strategy allows to fully control osteoarthritis, not only its symptoms but also its degenerative progression.

  • VIH / AIDS

    • Lose fear, HIV is not synonymous with death. Three major objectives of the Colombian Apitherapy Society therapeutic for HIV treatment are: 1) to eradicate significantly or totally viral load and minimize the risk of infection; 2) to prevent and control recurrent and opportunistic diseases; and 3) to reduce side effects and supplement antiretroviral therapy.